UK Richmond Education Consultancy


We are a professional UK Education Consultancy which we are aiming to assist our clients by providing variety of school opportunities that meets their requirements. 

The schools provided for our clients are reliable and we will filter out the top schools for our client in order to make sure that the children will receive good quality of education.

Our biggest strength is that we are located at the heart of London and with our education consultancy, we can now provide our clients with reliable selections of different types of schools. 

Our aims:


✓  Our aim is to provide our clients with authoritative source of advice and support to international institutions on issues of UK academic quality assurance and enhancement.

✓  We aim to assist students (children) to feel comfortable within the British educational system and to have a better understanding of British culture.

✓  To provide high quality and affordable professional training, research and management consultancy.

Our services:

We offer our services to both schools and universities. Students may come from abroad or may already be studying in the UK.

 Educational Counselling 

 Course Selection 

 Offers & Admissions in Universities / Colleges 

 School selections on prep school and Independent schools

 Study Abroad Loan Assistance 

 Accommodation Services

 Immigration assistance

 A public preparatory course for students aged 7 to 11 who develop and teach.

 Provide application process planning, counselling, interviews, admissions, etc. 

 Provide tracking services such as supervision, parental escort, and holiday custody.  


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